The When & Why | When you are new to the role

When you are new to the role

People frequently move from one high stress and high pressure job to another, with little time in between.

Hitting the ground running makes it difficult to stop and pause, because urgent stuff has to be dealt with. The rethinking that is the foundation of being your best in the new role can become stalled: the tendency is to interpret the new situation and its needs in a way that is too strongly framed by your previous successes and act accordingly.

Hence talented individuals can create great success in one role and find it hard to adapt to the demands of the new one.

New to the role - What I can offer

To perform at your best in a new role, it needs to be seen as a new beginning.

Working with me can provide the deliberate creation of time out to explore three vital areas:
  • What new skills and abilities will be needed in the new situation? And what inner resources as yet unused can you tap into, in order to give it your best shot.
  • What is the true reality of the new situation? This will often be more complex than you expected at first. In an unhurried and non-judgmental atmosphere you can unpack problems and generate and play through alternative strategies.
  • What do you really feel is right? It is surprising how often people ignore their own deeper intuitions about the right thing to do - as if a condition of the job is that you can’t be yourself. Yet your own authenticity is one of the most powerful ways to influence others.

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