The When & Why | When the problem reoccurs

When the problem reoccurs

Repetitive problems can take many forms:
  • Team disputes which always end in stand-offs, no result or blaming
  • Repeated failure to convert new business
  • Temperamental difficulties which mar an individual’s otherwise excellent performance
  • Continuing inability to agree on a vision or plan
Once repetition sets in, it tends to drive belief that the problem is inherent and inevitable. Emotional backlogs of anger, resentment or frustration become further blockages to moving forward.

Repetitive problems - What I can offer

Repetitive problems are a sign that something is not being properly seen.

This can be an external factor that for some reason is being ignored. More usually it is internal – unexamined assumptions and expectations restricting our ability to see ways forward.

My work in this kind of scenario generally focuses on bringing these hidden factors to the surface. Then exploring them in an unhurried manner, so that they disentangle. Often what appears to be an insurmountable problem can be unpacked into a set of smaller issues that have become linked. Once these can be seen clearly and separately, dealing with them becomes more fluid and resolution can frequently be surprisingly rapid.