Coaching for senior managers

Perspectives for senior managers

They say it’s tough at the top. It can also be lonely and uncertain.

Who can you open up with to discuss your ideas, dreams, potential strategies and tough challenges? Your boss? Industry peers? Someone who works for you?

You may be unusual and have these opportunities. But if not, who can you talk to who doesn’t have an axe to grind or personal interest in the outcome? And where do you find the time?

If you’re in charge, chances are you got there by being a high performer. But who now encourages you to continue to broaden your and develop all your intuitions and abilities, not just the ones you learnt to deploy on the way up?

Does your success mean you can no longer learn and experiment? After all, it was probably doing that which made you successful in the first place.

Senior managers - Desired outcomes

Coaching is essentially non-prescriptive, so the agenda is determined by your needs and the outcomes you want to create for yourself and in your work.

Coaching provides a calm, reflective space in which new ideas can surface, options can be generated and difficulties calmly explored and confronted.

Because a coach is there for you and not from your organisation, you can create a relationship where for once you do not have to perform or ‘look good’. So you can more easily explore and develop all aspects of yourself. The result is a greater realisation of inner resources making it easier to see new ways to crack problems.

Effectively you become a better manager because all your talents and assets are brought into play. And that often means you enjoy working life more.