The When & Why of Coaching | When there never seem to be any time

When there never seem to be any time

Every business age has its myths. One of our current times is that things change so fast we have to run to keep up. This leads to a sense of breathlessness in many organisations, where there never seems to be time to do anything well.

So business people who lead full lives often get to a state of mind characterised by a constant feeling of busyness – reflection, planning and priority setting go out of the window. The result is relentless reactivity that is unsettling, unsatisfying and not good for business.

Good managers often know intuitively what their company needs but find it difficult to create time. The feeling that there is no time to do anything is frequently one of the things people choose to deal with first in a coaching program.

No time - Coaching outcomes you might want

Firstly, to use coaching deliberately as a beginning of creating more calm, reflective time in working life.

Moving to an understanding of priorities and outcomes beyond ‘lists’ so that he urgent short term does not displace things that are more fundamental to the business and also more satisfying.

Achieving results by leveraging underused opportunities for the power of leadership and the successful delegation of responsibility.

Enhancing your ability to enjoy the day-to-day reality of work and business.