The When & Why | Moving a company to the next stage

Moving a company to the next stage

Making changes in branding, structure and processes can be central to a company’s evolution, but rarely do managers and teams spend much time on evolving the way they see themselves.

Sometimes companies get stuck in a particular stage of their development, and go round in circles. Paradoxically this is often the case with companies that have been very successful.

There is a tendency to think that moving forward only involves imagining the future, but our ability to do this is severely limited by what we believe about who and where we are now. What we see as external or insurmountable barriers are frequently a reflection of internal inhibitions and preconceived ideas about our own abilities.

Next stage - Desirable outcomes

A sense of direction built on potential, not the past, not circumscribed by past successes or limited by earlier assumptions.

A mental clearout of baggage no longer relevant to the market opportunity.

Acknowledgement and an ability to move on from the past.

Agreement on how brand, structures and processes need to change.

A renewed sense of direction and vitality at individual and team level.

A clear viable path between now and your desired goals - with the full emotional commitment of all concerned.

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