My work with entrepreneurs & business owners

Perspectives for entrepreneurs & business owners

Entrepreneurs tend to face specific issues in developing their businesses:
  • A bias to action in the present moment which underestimates the value of structure and forward planning in creating growth.
  • A tendency for work life and personal life issues to become entangled
  • Fixed beliefs about your own abilities limit your imagination about how the business can be developed. Your self imposed limits start to limit the business.
  • Underestimating the extent to which employees can contribute, and not devoting enough time to developing them.

Entrepreneurs & business owners - Desired outcomes

The creation of a set of forward goals that guide your day-to-day actions. This means that in the hurly burly of everyday life there is also the more satisfying sense of movement forward.

Moving beyond your self-imposed limits on how far you can develop the business.

A greater sense of order and distinction between work and personal priorities, and a healthier balance of the two.

An understanding of how structure and process can build foundations for more rapid expansion.

An enhanced ability to lead and develop the people who work for you, so they contribute more and you free up your time to take the business forward