The When & Why | Creating a new venture

Creating a new venture

People starting new ventures tend to frame their own abilities in a way, which is limited by their previous working lives. Wanting to repeat an admired success will tend to produce a me-too. The opportunity is to realise that new ventures offer the chance for entirely new beginnings, both personally and professionally.

A team forming a new venture will tend to perceive each other in terms of functional expertise rather than temperamental strengths. Yet beyond a given level of professional talent it is the potent combination of temperamental strengths that determines success.

There is frequently a failure to explore each other’s assumptions of how the team will work together. This can result in major conflict once the venture launches and pressure builds.

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New ventures - What I can offer

Getting the team to envisage future possibilities and chances to innovate, rather than expecting to repeat previous success.

Unearthing deeply held convictions and beliefs to form the foundation of the new company’s outlook and reason to exist.

Bringing assumptions and expectations of each other to the surface so misunderstandings or conflicting expectations can be resolved.

Development of launch, marketing and brand plans which move from vision to agreement on concrete goals and targets which provide a foundation for focused action.