Client Recommendations

Anthony Freedman Co-founder and CEO, Host and One Green Bean

"I have worked with Gary Duckworth both as a professional coach one-on-one, and also within a leadership team where he assisted with vision building and developing optimal ways of teams working. He has an invaluable blend of first hand industry experience, a deep understanding of a wide range of theoretical thinking, and a calm and considered demeanour that help focus the mind for improved outcomes. Both I and my team have enjoyed working with Gary and found his contribution to be of great value.”

Katie Rigg-Smith, CEO Mindshare Australia

"I have had the good fortune of working with Gary Duckworth for the past few years. During which time I have walked out of every session feeling inspired, re-energised and much more enlightened. Gary has a unique way drawing out the core topic, breaking down the issue, allowing you the space to gain clarity of your own thoughts and then helping with tools and techniques that make the solution much more achievable than first thought. The application of what I learn in my time with Gary has not only been invaluable in my professional world but also in my personal life and I couldn't recommend him more highly.'

Mark Holden - Worldwide Strategy and Planning Director PHD

Gary worked with PHD Australia in the capacity of a leadership coach from 2008 to 2014, providing both one-on-one and group coaching for the four members of the management team.

The result was a transformation in how each person engaged with work/life and a more functioning working relationship within the management team. This led to much better collective decision making. The company felt the benefit of this over the ensuing months. Better decisions led to a better culture and greater success.

In 2009, so much difference had been felt that we decided to engage Gary to provide coaching for everyone in the company - starting with the most senior and working down through the company.

The result: transformation on an industrial scale.

People would come into my office and, for the first time, have life in their eyes.

He had unified people's cut off (non-work selves) with their work selves and therefore integrated them. With more of who they really are available to them they were happier, more authentic, more engaged and therefore they made better (more intuitive) decisions. It was as if someone had turned up the colour.

PHD's success soared - we unleashed talent, we retained talent, which then attracted more talent. And that attracted and won clients.

I recommend Gary without hesitation. And if reading that is not enough to convince you I am more than happy to discuss Gary with you - +44 7917 708790